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R.F.P. Authors - A Wealth of Knowledge

Registered Financial Planners have a wealth of knowledge to share.  We would like to offer our members a place where they can showcase their work.

“Financial Success for Women by Women” is a compilation of insights by 27 top female Canadian Women in Finance.  Three of these amazing women are R.F.P.s!
They bring together their knowledge and expertise to empower women with financial advice and confidence.  Topics covered include, Responsible Investing, Annuities, Cash Flow Management, Estate Planning and more.
To get your copy of their book, contact the authors below.

Melanie Twietmeyer, R.F.P.

Over the past 23 years, Melanie and her team at Legacy Wealth Management in Calgary, have designed “Total WealthCare”, a multi-disciplinary approach committed to client education and financial achievement. This holistic process provides comprehensive, customized client-focused solutions.

Currently, Melanie serves as Acting Past Chair for the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners, and has served on the Calgary board of the Canadian Association of Financial Planners and the Juvenile Diabetes Association.

She can be reached by email at melanie@legacywealthmanagement.com

Thie Convery, R.F.P.

Thie Convery is a Wealth Advisor at Convery Wealth with IPC Securities Corporation. For over twenty-five years, Thie has created Wealth Solutions for Life, for all aspects of her clients’ lives. She helps her clients to actively live, enjoy and experience life. Thie delivers peace of mind and enables clients to spend their time and energy with the people they love and on the things that are most important to them.

Thie is very active within her community and donates her time to various organizations including as President of Dundas Rotary Club, Volunteer Board Member for Dundas Routes Youth Centre and Sunday School Teach at St. James Anglican Church to name a few!

She can be reached by email at thie.convery@ipcsecurities.com

Sonia LeRoy, R.F.P.

As the Senior Wealth Advisor and team leader of LeRoy Wealth Management Group, Sonia LeRoy leads a select group of families to achieve financial peace of mind. With over 25 years of financial planning experience and expertise in socially responsible investing, Sonia delivers innovative, objective-based solutions, aligning her clients’ finances with their life values.

Sonia has served as a board member of the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Association of Financial Planners and is also a member of the Social Investment Organization.

Sonia is committed to many charitable causes and regularly travels to Senegal with her family to volunteer.

She can be reached by email at sonia.leroy@ipcsecurities.com

Brad Brain, R.F.P. is a veteran financial advisor with nationally recognized expertise in retirement income planning.  He is an international speaker and award winning author.

This book makes a great client gift! Bulk copies can be ordered directly through Brad Brain.

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Prosperity: Making Smart, Strategic Decisions about Money

This easy-to-read collection of essays will give you a mental framework of making smart, strategic decisions about money.  Written over both the heights and the depths of the most turbulent investment climate seen in generations, this anthology will provide sobriety for bull markets and a survival guide for bear markets.
Jeff Wachman, R.F.P.
is President of Wachman Wealth Management.  He graduated from McGill University in 1980 with a B.Comm, majoring in economics and finance.  Jeff has twenty years of entrepreneurial business experience and 18 years of financial planning experience.

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Achieving Financial Fitness

Achieving Financial Fitness forms the first part of a three-part series of guides for achieving a  rewarding way of life, regardless of whether one is younger or older.
Chris Snyder, R.F.P. has been providing personal financial advice to Canadians from all walks of life for 50 years!
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Be Smart With Your Money
  • Is a great guide for anyone on how to manage their finances at any stage of life
  • Helpful gift for family members
  • Also useful to the advisor as a reference book

IAFP members can save 20% off either book by entering code IAFPMEMBER at checkout!
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Creating Opportunities: A Volunteer’s Memoir
  • Chris explains how he set up his business to enable him to do volunteer work
  • Advisors are perfectly positioned to be outstanding volunteers in the communities they serve
  • Depicts Financial Advisors in a positive way, providing good PR for the association and its members
  • Chris shares interesting stories about volunteering for the CAFP (the predecessor organization to the IAFP) and how the R.F.P. designation was started including creating the first exam. Includes lots of anecdotes about association activity.
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You can also order the two book set!
David Christianson, R.F.P.
Well known to IAFP members as the popular, long-serving MC of the annual Symposium, and also a founding board member of the IAFP, David has been a practicing financial planner since 1982. He specializes in helping clients identify and reach their financial and life goals.

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Managing the Bull: Detect and Deflect the Crap

People are confronted today with confusion, noise, way too much information. They want to cut through all of that bull, make the right decisions and take the right actions. With big issues to address-future health care costs, pension adequacy and even how to inherit the trillion dollars set to be passed on in the next 20 years-Managing the Bull will empower you to embrace your successful financial future.

Do you have a book you want featured on our Author page?  Contact Tracey Kutny at admin@iafp.ca.

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