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Code of Ethics

The requirement of the public and business community for sound financial advice imposes an obligation on financial planning professionals to maintain high standards of technical competence, morality and integrity. To this end a Code of Professional Ethics serves as the guiding document for Members of the Institute of Financial Planners.

Here’s How The IAFP Works For You


    About the IAFP

    Let’s get to know each other. Find out who we are, learn about our history in the financial services industry, and find out how we are working to raise financial planning to a higher standard in Canada.


    Distinguishing features of the R.F.P.

    Maybe you are a Certified Financial Planner or looking into financial planning courses? Take the time to learn what an R.F.P. designation represents for practicing professionals in the financial planning industry and how we hold our members to the highest standard.


    Why Become an R.F.P.

    The R.F.P. symbolizes the highest level of competency and professionalism in the field of financial planning in Canada. Period. We think you should join us and here are the main reasons why.


    How to Become an R.F.P.

    From eligibility requirements to registration to examinations, find out the process of becoming a Registered Financial Planner with the IAFP.


    Mentorship Program

    Unique to the IAFP is our mentorship program. A current R.F.P. professional will guide new members on their journey of taking their comprehensive financial plans to the next level.