How to become an R.F.P.®

You're only 4 steps away from taking your financial planning to the highest level of excellence.

The Process To Gaining An R.F.P.® Designation

Step 1: Determine Eligibility

If you can say yes to all of the following criteria, you are eligible for an Associate Membership in the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners™ (IAFP®):

Equivalency is defined as:

  • years of relevant work experience supported by resumes.
  • Official transcripts from any university or college courses taken.
  • Personal statement about the desire, capacity and commitment you bring to the IAFP®.

Step 2: Join The IAFP®

Now that you have determined that you are eligible, the next step in becoming an R.F.P.® is to join the IAFP®. Associate Members are expected to become R.F.P.®s within 18 months. The current annual fee for Membership is $375.

Now the work begins.

Step 3: The Work

Associate members are expected to complete the following steps:

  • Submit 3 completed reference forms
  • Submit a written financial plan for peer review
  • Submit a letter of engagement for peer review

Step 4: Exams

To achieve R.F.P.® membership status, Associate members are required to write the R.F.P.® exam(s):

These exams are based on industry knowledge and experience as well as the Code of Ethics and Practice Standards of the IAFP®.

Pay the exam fee of $50 and pass the Ethics and Practice Standards exam.

Pay the exam fee of $250 and pass the Technical exam (this is a case study based exam).

Associate members who are preparing for the R.F.P.® Technical exam may want to purchase additional study materials available directly from the publisher, Gobeil & Associates.  The Personal Financial Planners ManualTM will guide you through current and up-to-date concepts, definitions and strategies. 

Fast Track Program

Do you have your CFP®? You may be eligible to complete your R.F.P.® through our Fast Track program.

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