Professional Standards of Practice for R.F.P.®s

The Highest Standard Of Practice For Financial Planners

Our Professional Standards of Practice are a foundational component for outlining how R.F.P.®s (Registered Financial Planners) are leaders in comprehensive financial planning for Canadians.

The document, along with our Code of Professional Ethics, are the underlying documents for how we hold our members to the highest levels of expertise, excellence, and ethics in financial planning.

Two main goals achieved by the implementation of these Professional Standards of Practice are:

Protecting the Canadian public by giving them assurance that someone holding the R.F.P.® designation offers industry-leading quality and comprehensive planning knowledge.

Recognizing a group of practitioners committed to professionalism and quality.

Standards of Practice

On January 1, 2005, the Professional Standards of Practice became mandatory and subject to periodic self-audit by the member. 

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