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A strong and collaborative community is one of the biggest reasons people join the IAFP®. Whether it is networking with other accomplished peers at our annual symposium, helping each other through our member forum, or collaborating in real life, the IAFP® provides advanced planners with the opportunity to meet others like them, learn, share experiences and provides a place to turn for support when you need help.


IAFP® members are financial planners that became some of the best in Canada through a continuous pursuit to educate themselves on financial planning issues affecting their clients. The IAFP® recognizes this and supports our members’ continued educational growth in several ways.

Why become an R.F.P.®

The financial services landscape is changing in Canada as rapidly as at any time in history. New regulations and changing consumer preferences mean it’s now more important than ever to be clear about what your financial planning practice stands for. Regulators are demanding higher standards of ethical practices and disclosure and the public will no longer tolerate financial services that are not aligned with their best interests.

The Difference Between an R.F.P.® and a CFP

We want the public to be assured that they are hiring a highly qualified, ethical, competent financial planner when they hire an R.F.P.® That only comes with practicing financial planning as your primary vocation. Being an R.F.P.® is about providing more comprehensive and more knowledgeable solutions to help clients achieve a better quality of life, and their financial goals. To this end, the IAFP® has been at the forefront of efforts to better differentiate financial planners from other advisors, thereby elevating and distinguishing our profession.

How to become an R.F.P.®

Find out if you have the necessary eligibility requirements, what is involved, and how to complete the registration process.


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