The IAFP® Story

It All Begins With Our Mission

In order to learn about us, you need to know our three-part mission that is focused on protecting clients, supporting financial planners, and advancing our profession in Canada.

To provide a level of assurance to the general public when seeking advisors dedicated to comprehensive financial planning, and capable of providing advanced financial planning solutions.

To promote the profession of financial planning in Canada by setting a standard of excellence in the competency and practice of personal financial planning, for those financial planners who aspire to achieve such excellence.

To provide the premiere forum to encourage the development and exchange of advanced financial planning knowledge amongst IAFP® members.

How the Institute Began

Registered Financial Planners (R.F.P.®) established the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners in 2002. At that time, the original home of the R.F.P.®, the Canadian Association of Financial Planners, merged with the Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors to form Advocis. Rather than join the newly-merged association, R.F.P.®s created the IAFP® to preserve their focus on providing the highest standard of comprehensive financial planning in Canada.

What We Do

We are committed to bringing value to the public and honour to the financial planning profession. To ensure the highest level of excellence and ethics to the industry, we have created the R.F.P.® designation. The designation requires continuous educational improvement. Members are required to attain 30 Continuing Education credits annually, which can be completed at our annual Symposium or other advanced financial planning educational courses.

Who We Are

Our board of directors is made up of volunteer IAFP® members who have attained the R.F.P.® designation. Currently, our membership numbers over 300 financial planners and associates from across Canada. IAFP® members are committed to planning before product; that means respecting our six-step financial planning process, abiding by our code of ethics and practice standards, and transparency by providing a written letter of engagement to prospective clients that clearly discloses compensation options.

What is an R.F.P?

Professional membership as a Registered Financial Planner® provides an opportunity to Stand Out from the Crowd™. They are dedicated planners who are capable of providing impartial, comprehensive financial planning advice and are committed to furthering the financial knowledge and well-being of Canadians. Our members have not only acquired formal professional training, but have proven by exam and example that they can provide written financial plans of the highest quality and to the most stringent standards.

Distinguish Yourself!

It’s time to hold yourself to the highest standard in the financial planning profession. By becoming an R.F.P.® you will reach a more advanced level of ethics, expertise, and education. Join a community of like-minded thought leaders who always put clients first, ones who create written, holistic, and comprehensive financial plans that get implemented. Learn how we are fostering a superior level of professionalism in financial planning.

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