Advanced Education

IAFP® members are financial planners that became some of the best in Canada through a continuous pursuit to educate themselves on financial planning issues affecting their clients. The IAFP® recognizes this and supports our members’ continued educational growth in several ways.


The Advanced Financial Planner Podcast is the IAFP®’s way of sharing the advanced planning knowledge of many of our members with the Canadian Financial Planning Industry at large. From practice management to planning topics, the Advanced Planner Podcasts helps to raise the bar for financial planning education in Canada.


With so much of the industry’s content being focused on product, it can be hard to find objective and expert-level information on various issues facing planners and resources for better serving our clients. That’s where the IAFP®’s webinar series comes in. We cover topics that you won’t find elsewhere very often, from advanced care directives to tax strategies.

Online Forum

One of the most valuable benefits of membership is access to the IAFP® Online Forum. The member forum is the place to go to tap into the collective knowledge of your fellow members. Hear from experts who have not only done it before but know what to look out for and can help you avoid mistakes. Just reading the posts on a regular basis will help make you a better planner.


The IAFP® annual symposium is one of the preeminent and unique financial planning education conferences in the country. Every year the schedule is packed with prominent speakers who cover a diverse range of advanced planning and practice management topics. Unlike other conferences, the IAFP® Symposium weaves all of these speakers together by basing our conference around a client case study, allowing the speakers and attendees to see how these solutions would be implemented in a real-life situation.